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If you want to spend more time with your loved ones and less time worrying about WHEN, WHERE and HOW you'll make your next sale, then SEO On Fire is the answer.

SEO On Fire provides SEO website audits that show you how to optimise your website for online searches so your business shows up in online search results (SERP) and when your ideal customers look for you… hello billboard in Times Sqaure!

SEO Pillars

There are 5 key online optimisation pillars are used which is used in Best Practice SEO aka White Hat SEO which ensure we follow all of Google’s rules to get you discovered by your ideal client for the problems you solve.

1. On-Site SEO
This is the optimisation of the content on your website to help your biz get more visitors and rank higher in search results. On-Site SEO focuses on all aspects of SEO on your webpage's content, such as title tags, headings, internal links, and so much more.

2. Off-Site SEO
This refers to optimising elements outside your website to improve its ranking and traffic. Off-Site SEO looks at online listings, business profiles and backlinks directing visitors to your website, and determines whether they are adding value or diluting your Google credibility. 

3. Technical SEO
This means optimising your website for search engines so they can understand and list it correctly in their search results. Technical SEO includes all of the website coding and security in the back end of your website such as URL links, robots TXT,  fixing page errors and so much more. 

4. Website Conversion Tracking
This involves measuring valuable actions on your website to help you track its performance. Website Conversion Tracking includes adding conversion events and measuring your customer's interactions on your site which helps in making sales via your website. 

5. User Experience (UX)
This addresses your customer's experience while visiting your website. User Experience involves creating a positive experience for customers by improving functionality, searchability and your website’s layout. It addresses the psychology of the end user when on your site to align your objectives with the end users needs which will help increase conversions i.e. sales.   

SEO on Fire Packages



Start fanning the flames, add fuel to your fire and ignite your business's GROWTH online with the Ignite package.

The Ignite SEO audit package is ideal for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and startups who want to become easy to find online. If you need to improve your website traffic, get more business enquiries and GROW your sales, Ignite is the perfect solution!

Get tailored recommendations, expert feedback, and actionable tasks for:​

- On Site Recommendations-
- Off Site Recommendations - 
- Technical Recommendations -

ALL supplied within 28 business days and in an easy-to-understand PDF checklist with in-depth analysis and personalised insights!

$797 - Once Off

Upon Selecting Payment you will be directed to our secure app to make payment. 



Fuel your growth, get HOT leads and set your business growth aflame with the Inferno package. 

The Inferno SEO audit is perfect for CEOs and business owners who want to optimise their current digital marketing strategy and turn their website into a #MONEYMAKER. If you want consistent leads, increased traffic to your website and more sales than EVER before, the Inferno package is what you need!

Get expert advice, personalised feedback, helpful insights and tasks to action for: ​

- On Site Recommendations -
- Off Site Recommendations -
-  Technical Recommendations -
- Website Conversion Tracking -
- User Journey Experience -

ALL within 28 business days in a comprehensive, easy-to-follow PDF guide with checkpoints, detailed analysis and personalised insights!

$1,197 - Once Off

Upon Selecting Payment you will be directed to our secure app to make payment. 


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Since starting with The Search Republic in September 2021, we have increased our annual sales by 30%

Emma Heritage - KidzShack


Since we have started working with The Search Republic over the last 2 years, we have achieved over 534 leads across Australia which equated to over $2million in business. 

Glen Beale - Hevi Haul


In 11 months, our SEO and Google Ads campaigns generated 79,839 website visits and 695 conversions. 

Rianna Van Kins - Oswald Homes 


In the last 12 months we have grown in terms of profit by 52%. Which has generated an extra $1,120,00 in a 12 month period for us. Which is just phenomenal. 

Sharon Higgins - Down to Earth Garden Supplies


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